Thursday, February 24, 2011



Just realized i had this album while shuffling my tunes; it's some mighty fine dubstep. There aren't any big drops just some nice dream beats.

track list
  1. "Untitled" 
  2. "Archangel"
  3. "Near Dark"
  4. "Ghost Hardware"
  5. "Endorphin"
  6. "Etched Headplate"
  7. "In McDonalds"
  8. "Untrue"
  9. "Shell of Light"
  10. "Dog Shelter"
  11. "Homeless"
  12. "UK
  13. "Raver"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

some shots

a canon/photoshop sesh . this is so god damn fun


this is the first post of hopefully many in the future.

anyways check out this song thats been gaining quite a few plays on my tunes.

junior boys - dull to pause.

in other news, i've decided to embark on a journey to start mapping for a game called doooom. a picture of what is to come is below:

lets hope this stays with me for awhile.